Admissions Process

When you call, you will speak with our Admissions Counselor who will guide you through a brief, confidential telephone assessment. Once the assessment is completed, the Admissions Counselor will determine the most appropriate level of care for you. If detox or other medical services are indicated prior to admission to Kosher Sobriety, the Counselor will make all of the appropriate arrangements.

Your Admissions Counselor will advise you what to bring and will also be available to answer any other questions you may have prior to your arrival. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for further details.

Arrangements can be made for airport pickup and escort to our facilities. If needed, escorting is also available from the point of origin.

Kosher Sobriety is conveniently located in the city of Tampa, Florida. We are just a few minutes from the major freeways (I-75).

What You Can Expect from Us

The hard part is picking up the phone and reaching out to us for that initial call. Once the first call is made and you are put in touch with one of our admissions specialists, you will be guided through the rest of the process. Kosher Sobriety will help you get the right level of care at the appropriate time regardless of whether it is with us or not. We are in the business of helping people recover from addiction and alcoholism. We pride ourselves in offering our clients unparalleled quality of care. Our admissions specialists are patient and respectful when they answer your questions. We know there may be many things you don’t understand about this process. You probably have a lot of questions about addiction or alcoholism and you deserve to have all of your questions answered in a non-judgmental and courteous manner.

We offer our clients a seamless process of arranging travel and meeting here at our treatment center in Boca Raton to get an initial screening or an introductory tour of our facilities. Once you arrive, our professional intake counselors are standing by to assist you. They have the necessary experience and skills to patiently complete the initial screening and assessment and report to our clinical team who will decide on the best level of care for you or your loved one.

At Kosher Sobriety, our goal is to provide you or your loved one an efficient and stress free admissions process.

What to Bring With You During Your Stay

  • Comfortable Clothing suited to Florida weather (about 2 weeks’ worth)
  • Comfortable Shoes (athletic shoes are needed)
  • Notebook
  • Writing Instrument
  • Any AA/NA material the individual may have
  • Prepaid Phone Calling Card
  • Personal Spending Money (no credit card, check only)
  • Music players with headphones only (IPODS/MP3)

What Not to Bring

  • No radios
  • No Computers or Laptops
  • No Cellular Phones. Cellphones will be stored until discharged
  • Absolutely no medication of any kind, without prior approval
  • No Aerosols
  • No Food
  • No Cologne
  • No Drinks
  • No Golf Clubs
* If the client arrives with these items, they will be shipped home immediately at the client’s expense.
If you have specific questions or concerns about what to bring to Kosher Sobriety, please contact our Admissions Department.