Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your treatment program?

Our affordable, professional 30, 60, and 90-day intensive treatment programs are typically available to most clients, with extended care and sober-living facilities available for any length of stay. During this time, clients undergo detoxification,  evaluation, therapy, and transitional counseling. The length of each client’s stay varies and depends on several factors, including duration of drug use and extent of substance abuse.

Do you have a detox facility?

No, currently we are not offering in-house detox.  However, we have an outstanding relationship with several nearby detox centers and would gladly recommend our clients should detox be required prior to arriving at Kosher Sobriety.   For informational purposes, the detox process is supervised by experienced medical professionals. After the body is cleansed of addictive substances, the rehab process continues with individual counseling, group therapy, twelve-step training, spiritual pursuits and more. 

Is Kosher Sobriety a co-ed facility?

No, our facility is for male clients only.  We are looking to open a women only facility in the near future.

What about insurance?

We work with a wide variety of insurance programs in the country.  Because policies and benefits may vary, our Admissions Department can verify your insurance coverage to determine if any portion of your treatment can be covered under your policy.

Will my family be able to be involved? Will I be allowed visitors?

Yes, we believe that family involvement can be a crucial part of recovery.  We will keep your loved ones abreast of your progress throughout your stay at Kosher Sobriety. Drug and alcohol rehab often reveals patterns in a client’s relationships with their close and extended family members.  Thus both clients and family members can benefit from treatment by staying proactively involved and communicating with each other on a frequent basis.
Yes, we allow visitation on Sunday and Monday from 1pm to 4pm.  Visitation is at the discretion of the Kosher Sobriety clinical staff.  We reserve the right to disallow visitors deemed un-productive to the client’s recovery.

Do I receive individual therapy?

Yes, you will work one on one with our professionally trained addiction and dual diagnosis treatment team, which includes an Addiction Medicine Specialist, Physician, Nursing Staff, Drug and Alcohol Counselors, and Transitional Counselors. To help patients stop patterns of drug and alcohol abuse, our counselors approach addiction from every angle to teach new habits and perspectives on self evaluation, life and health, loved ones, shame, guilt, and forgiveness.

What Airport can I fly into?

The nearest major airport is Tampa International (TPA). This airport has international and domestic flights from Tampa, Florida and is close to the center of Tampa, FL.

Another major airport is Orlando International (MCO), which has international and domestic flights from Orlando, Florida and is about an hour and a half from Tampa, FL.

Where exactly is Tampa?

Located in Mid West Florida, Tampa embraces the picturesque shorelines of the Gulf. Known as the City of All Seasons, the place continues to cast a spell on residents and visitors through its magnificent greeneries, enchanting architectural structures, well-landscaped parks, and pristine white sand beaches. Aside from having a natural setting for its wonderful tourist attractions, Tampa serves as an ideal respite for recovery clients seeking tranquility and inner peace.  Boasting a large Jewish population, the city of Tampa has a lively Jewish population.  In short, Tampa offers all the convenience of a major metropolitan area, with a small town feel. No other city in Florida is so well located and so well kept.